sometimes i start complaining b4 i say my prayers, hop up out my bed & remove the layers, these natural flavors, coat my mind, kaleidoscope my grind, got me out here all the time, feels like i’m wasting time,


ghost 2 u,

i know it’s hard to see me,

it’s so dark outside

somewhat impossible to feel me

even though i’m by your side,

memories that won’t ever leave me,

i hope you’re still thinking of me

i was your slave, before you freed me, but now we’re scattered in time.

just another ghost to you,

living on through these rhymes…


via Daily Prompt: Ghost


i got this hot fiyahh’ on me…

it’s so hot, on my block.

I feel your ways rubbing off on me…could you please stop?!

it’s non-stop…

just tryna’ stay shaded under this tree yeah, yeah,

& be one with the breezee, it’s all I can feel,