ghost 2 u,

i know it’s hard to see me,

it’s so dark outside

somewhat impossible to feel me

even though i’m by your side,

memories that won’t ever leave me,

i hope you’re still thinking of me

i was your slave, before you freed me, but now we’re scattered in time.

just another ghost to you,

living on through these rhymes…


via Daily Prompt: Ghost


i got this hot fiyahh’ on me…

it’s so hot, on my block.

I feel your ways rubbing off on me…could you please stop?!

it’s non-stop…

just tryna’ stay shaded under this tree yeah, yeah,

& be one with the breezee, it’s all I can feel,

insult to injury

they say, slow & steady wins the race,

but i’m down on my luck working at a faster pace,

my love, i don’t need no more space…

i been lost

i been found

sometimes within the same day

do you feel the same way?

i just want everyone to make it home safe,

so they can rest & reflect

pray & prepare for obstacles that may interject

that peace of mind that we strive for,

my love for life

starts to drift away,

the shade of my skin seems to dictate my days

thoughts of a better tomorrow seem to slip away,

but I stand my ground hoping today is the day’


stomach full of butterflies
helps me see-thru your clever disguise
waking you up, just to catch the sunrise
you know, love that never really dies
I always get lost in your mysterious eyes
Avoiding lies, just to improvise
I share fries, keep my sneakers tied & roll snake eyes’