living out in the country, you really appreciate the hours


something about a Saturday,

educate, appreciate, that’s how u levitate, 2

higher grounds, more vibrant sounds, we gotta elevate, they tryna’ keep you down, it’s frustrating how, the type of love we take, for granted now…

i wonder why they don’t make a few changes now,

vacation time, that’s how i spend my mine…

i see we in space now.

insult to injury

they say, slow & steady wins the race,

but i’m down on my luck working at a faster pace,

my love, i don’t need no more space…

i been lost

i been found

sometimes within the same day

do you feel the same way?

i just want everyone to make it home safe,

so they can rest & reflect

pray & prepare for obstacles that may interject

that peace of mind that we strive for,

my love for life

starts to drift away,

the shade of my skin seems to dictate my days

thoughts of a better tomorrow seem to slip away,

but I stand my ground hoping today is the day’


they used to tell me, “I’d never reach this high”
that I ain’t no bird, no reason to get fly
it ain’t my turn, I set my goals too high
if I didn’t know better I would believe the lies
now i wonder will I ever leave the sky
not sure when I’ll ever say goodbye
thinking to myself is it worth all the time
thoughts I have when I’m wasting time